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  How Are We Different?
How Are We Different?

Global Teams With Local Touch
Our management team has office in India with strong oversea contacts. We have a deep understanding of the different work cultures and are therefore able to effortlessly and seamlessly carry out outsourcing projects. Our management team has extensive experience in managing offshore projects. We have successfully set up multiple virtual teams for the different circumstances with which one is faced with offshoring development. This will guarantee you success!

We start with your goals and work with you to further formulate them clearly. We also focus on a longer term relationship beyond the immediate needs of the project. Understanding your long term goals enables us to ensure that we are able to anticipate and support your growth. Moreover, no two customers are the same. Even when customers say that they are standardized, there is always variations in the process. We understand that and spend time on defining a process and business model that works for our customers. Where possible and appropriate we will make the interactive collaboration and agile feedback for correct and optimal flexibility.

Partner for SMEs
We understand that SMEs need varied services of high-end design skills and design services. Partners should be able to contribute ideas and suggest pragmatic approaches to follow. We are particularly focusing on SMEs and full turn key support for your needs, therefore you can rely on us as the partner for all your IT outsourcing needs. Flexibility and scalability are particularly important for SMEs benefits that Ansh Systems can offer.

To begin get customer teams with the right technical background and experience in large projects. The result of the Ansh Systems approach is that our teams have much affinity with the client. The advantage is that teams need minimal direction and so far the largest part of the activities in India can be done and the result be exactly in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Good staff, a solid approach, a flexible attitude and a reliable local representation have proved important factors for success. A long term vision for engagement with the country and its people helps to establish the necessary relationships.